It's that time of the year shopping! Time for long hours spent at the mall waiting in line, listening to the same old Christmas carol, or fighting over that last scarf on sale. Who is ready for that?

We at The Reserve, decided to skip the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping at the mall and will be bring the shopping to our very own clubhouse! So join us, December 11th from 6pm-8pm for a relaxed Holiday Shopping Event that will include local vendors. Food, drinks, and a hot chocolate bar will be provided.

This event is open to the public and tours of our new community will be offered as well!

Happy Holidays!

Post: November 1, 2014
Just a little 'clowning around' at Greystone Summit on Halloween! Somehow the staff got wind that their Maintenance Supervisor, Alan does not like clowns. So, his team members decided to pull a prank on him. After all, he always jokes around and tricks his other team members...once even telling his supervisor he was quitting his job. With that news she burst into tears and has never forgiven him. So, on Halloween, Alofa asked Alan to come into to work later to make-up for some of the overtime he was accumulating. That morning they all got dressed-up and waited for Alan. Once they heard Alan come through the door, Alofa came out doing cartwheels to greet him. Then the others came out, but the one Alan thought was the most frightening was Welsey on little bicycle. That image just did him in and all had a good laugh.
Post: October 29, 2014 
Two courageous employees have adopted children in need. Alva Monday, our Maintenance Supervisor at Highland Terrace and his wife are caring for five children. Brian Ray, our Maintenance Technician at Tara Hills is in the process of legally adopting two children. His two boys are pictured here on the left. Trey is 8 and Tristan is 10. We commend these two gentlemen for opening their homes and hearts to these children. Every property in the East Tennessee Region is accepting donations. If you would like to donate, please contact a representative at your community. We thank YOU and our fellow team members for generously helping provide Christmas gifts and care these children.
Post: October 26, 2014
We honor and appreciate every one of our maintenance team members. These men and women are on-call 24/7 and work hard throughout the year to take care of our residents and our apartment communities. Whether they are cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, renovating, they do it all and we can't thank them enough. Once or twice a year we show our gratitude by hosting a Maintenance Appreciation Event. On October 22, 2014 we hosted a sporting clays event at Chillohee Sportsman's Club followed by a lunch at Los Amigos in Maryville. We had a great time and weather was perfect. We'd like to thank our sponsors for providing gift cards and other gifts for the event. These gifts were given away to our hardworking team members and paid for a portion of our lunch. 
Post: October 25, 2014
Our East Tennessee Region Leadership Team (from left to right) includes Candace, Andria, Donna, Gabriele, Buffy, Tracy, Clarence, Melissa, Anne, Alofa, Anissa, Mike and Kelly. We missed Chris on picture day.